When your car's in need of repairs, you want them done quickly, with minimal hassle. That's often not what you get when lodging an insurance claim, as anything from errors in paperwork to issues describing damage can complicate your claim.

KL Crash Repairs regularly works with many of Australia's most trusted insurance providers. We know what insurers expect to see on the paperwork, and provide you with a fair and accurate quote tailored specifically for quick approval.

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Chassis Alignment

After an accident, there's a real chance that your vehicle's chassis, the solid frame to which other vehicle panels are attached, is warped out of shape. This makes driving your vehicle hazardous to yourself and other road users at best, and a physical impossibility at worst.

At KL Crash Repairs we have the speciality equipment necessary to accurately measure the current state of your chassis, allowing us to compare your vehicles existing state to its manufacturer specification and proceed with repairing your chassis with greater clarity and accuracy.

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Panel Repairs

Our specialist team of panel repairers are able to handle a wide range of dent repair, welding and metalworking, as well as rust removal as part of restoration projects. We can perform panel work on all makes and models of vehicles including high-end prestige cars, as well as minor non-insured repairs.

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If your vehicle is in need of a new coat of paint, whether it's to patch up some spot damage or to give your vehicle a whole new colour, KL Crash Repairs has you covered. We use the finest in premium environmentally friendly Max Meyer automotive paints, mixed according to our colour matching software to get just the right colour for your vehicle.

The paint is then applied in our purpose built, ventilated downdraft spray booth, before being left to dry in our bake oven, ensuring the smoothest, most even coat for your vehicle, free from contaminants.

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At KL Crash Repairs, nothing gives us greater joy that helping to breathe new life into a sentimental favourite vehicle or classic car. Owners of such cars take great pride in their vehicles, and we take great care to ensure our customers are just as much in love with their vehicles as they were when they first bought them.

We can offer our full range of services to customers with restoration projects in mind, from chassis alignment to panel repairs and painting, including rust removal.

If you've got a classic car you'd like to make look new again, get in touch with our staff today and ask about our restorations!